Why Presentation?

Love . Learn . Lead .

These three little, but powerful, words inspire the daily work of The Presentation School. “Little but powerful” is an apt description of the Presentation School as a whole. As an intentionally small independent school, we are motivated to know and love each of our students, and to continually find ways to encourage them to do the same.

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Latest eNews

Dear Presentation,

Like so many, I have been honestly overwhelmed by all of the demonstrations of courage, hope and pure-community since the fires began. What an incredible place!

The school is safe and the power is on. We have contracted with DKI to clean our gym and several air units. The gym was the worst of it. We are presently cleaning or replacing the HVAC filters in the rooms and installing air purifiers in the rooms. After this is done, there may still me some smoke odor, but we can assure you of the safety of our classrooms and school. We have ordered masks for every student and teacher, should we need them on low air-quality days.

Teachers are fanned out all over the Bay Area and Oregon, but they are in touch and safe and ready to return. We will meet as a faculty/staff on Friday am to discuss our plans for the kids' return.

Because the kids have now been out of class for too long, we have put together a "Suggested" Work document for the entire school. (Also attached as a PDF) Hopefully, this will help the students have a decent mental stretch before they return. With that said, we know that every family is in a different personal place, so this is not a document to add stress - it is intended to support you and the kids.

We will be able to answer more specific school-related questions after Friday. We realize that many are wondering what this means for the school calendar, your children's learning, your own immovable plans, events, etc. We are quite certain that we will be able to absorb any lost time into the remaining academic year, but I will share more once we can gather specifics.

As a school, we were fortunate, but we now know that members of our community lost everything: family homes/and or businesses (including founding school Director, Francine Maffei and and Charter Faculty member, Vickie Carroll).

Choice Lunch is ready to take lunch orders. Please remember this step.

See you, finally, Monday,