Spiritual life

As a school grounded in Catholic values, the spiritual lives of each child, teacher and member of the community are held with highest regard. The curriculum includes opportunities for children to consider the role of God in their lives and the ethical and moral underpinnings of a life lived in loving service to others. Classes begin with a prayer, and the school gathers frequently for liturgical services. Though the school is guided by Catholic values, the spiritual diversity of our school community is honored and celebrated. A respect for the spiritual goals of the school is an expectation of all members of the community.

Community involvement/Service Program

Our hope is that students will build life-long relationships within the communities served, thus fostering a sense of extending themselves beyond The Presentation School.

Definitions of Service

  • Direct Service. Students’ service directly affects and involves the recipients. The interactions are person- to-person and face-to-face, such as tutoring younger children or working with elders.
  • Indirect Service. Indirect activities do no provide service to individuals but benefit the community or environment as a whole. Examples include restoring a wetland area, constructing park benches, or stocking a food pantry.
  • Advocacy. The intent of advocacy is to create awareness of or promote action on an issue of public interest. Related activities include writing letters, sponsoring a town meeting, and public speaking.


Liturgies are the religious celebrations of the school. The entire school celebrates monthly liturgies and Para-liturgies. These services allow students and teachers to reflect on the spiritual and ethical teachings of the Church and Gospel Values of love, gratitude, respect, service and integrity. Non-Catholics  (All students participate in liturgies and are welcomed and families are invited to attend)


The Presentation school is not a diocesan school, and as such, is not empowered by the Diocese of Santa Rosa to prepare students for the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, or Confirmation. Though students learn about the rites and rituals of the Catholic Church in Faith classes, students must register and prepare for these sacraments in their home parish. Please contact your home parish for information regarding sacramental preparation.