Intermediate Grades/3rd - 5th

The Whole Child

The Intermediate Years at The Presentation School are years of incredible growth when students are encouraged to express themselves daily through projects, group presentations, and many other activities.

The concepts of empathy, compassion, accountability, integrity and responsibility are further encouraged and developed during the 3rd through 5th grades where children are continually exposed to ethical values and virtues.

Language Arts

In Language Arts the students transition from phonics to literary analysis as they continue on with our language arts program from the primary grades.

Age-appropriate, hands-on activities are used and critical literary skills are developed, such as:

      • Formulating Predictions
      • Drawing Conclusions
      • Making Inferences
      • Analyzing Character
      • Development
      • Determining an Author’s Purpose

Mathematics / Science

In Mathematics and Science, new concepts are introduced while hands-on activities increase learning through multiple pathways. The same concepts appear later, but at more sophisticated conceptual levels. In this manner, students continually build their knowledge and make connections with prior lessons.

Additional Core Subjects

        • Social Studies
        • Art
        • Physical Ed
        • Music / Instrument Program
        • Spanish
        • Technology
        • Faith

Supporting Progams

Extracurricular Activities

        • Community Service
        • Sonoma County Spelling Bee
        • Poetry and Writing Competitions
        • Science Olympiad
        • 4th Grade Choir
        • 5th Grade Student Council
        • 5th Grade Invention Convention
        • 5th Grade Track and Cross Country