Primary Grades/K - 2nd

The Whole Child

The Primary Grades at The Presentation School are child centered and developmentally designed. It’s in these grades that we lay down the foundation for the student’s future school life.

Our teachers carefully guide the K - 2nd grade child, instilling in them a love of learning, confidence in their own voice and respect for others. Our faith-based view incorporates a sense of stewardship towards our school, the community and the world.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts program provides the building blocks for students that allow them to explore and develop language arts skills and concepts.The program is supported by 6 + 1 Writing Traits which enhances students’ ability to express themselves through the written word. Enveloping the children in a literary- rich environment, our comprehensive program lays the foundation for literary growth and self-expression and continues on with them through their subsequent grades.

Mathematics / Science

Mathematics is taken beyond the basics to open the world of numbers, math logic and number sense to the young mind. A hands-on approach is emphasized, as are mental math activities and conceptual projects.

The Science curriculum seeks to make connections for the students that are interwoven throughout their day. Here the language of science is introduced to create a foundation that students will use throughout their years.

Additional Core Subjects

      • Social Studies
      • Art
      • Physical Ed
      • Music / Instrument Program
      • Spanish
      • Technology
      • Faith

Supporting Programs

      • Small class sizes (15-20)
      • Emphasis on exploration, problem solving, observation, discovery and self expression.
      • Introduction to theater arts, public speaking, community service.
      • After-school enrichment opportunities