All students from kindergarten to grade five participate in three class sessions per week. Through a Natural Acquisition Method, students engage in songs, games, and activities that feature musical elements, drama, predictability, and repetition. Learning in context, automatic linguistic recall, and vocal experimentation based on rhythm and melody memory are all primary attributes of a first language learning experience. In a natural acquisition scenario, students may not fully realize they are “learning”. Rather, they joyfully experience the language and over time increase their comprehension and expression.

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Middle School

Middle School, grade 6-8, Spanish at Presentation moves beyond listening and speaking to include learning fundamentals of reading and writing. In addition to expanding vocabulary and grammar, students learn the "why" behind the rules and how Spanish vocabulary differs from one country to the next. Students focus on understanding Spanish through hands-on, engaging listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Students work in small groups and individually to practice pronunciation, perform skits or plays, read and write letters or dialogues, and listen to audio pieces and music, or watch videos in Spanish. Students will have the experience being out in their community in situations that they have to communicate in Spanish, and will learn about customs and celebrations of Spanish speaking countries.