Student Life

The Presentation School is committed to developing the whole child. The school balances rigorous academics with active community service, a full roster of sports, a vigorous visual and performing arts program, dozens of after-school extra-curriculars, leadership opportunities (Student Council) and social activities (dances).


Sports and athletics are an important part of the curriculum at The Presentation School. Presentation has an active sports curriculum of physical education and circuit training for grades K-4 and active participation in the Middle School Sports League for grades 5-8th.

Community Service

Our faith-based view at Presentation incorporates a sense of stewardship toward our school, the community and the world. Our Community Service outreach program is an important part of our education of the whole child.

Visual & Performing Arts

The Presentation School is blessed with an ambitious arts curriculum that inclues fine arts, drama and music as well as an Art Docent program for the study of art history at every grade level.