Middle School Electives

Presentation School encourages students to experience a variety of subject and interest areas via our Electives Program. Students Select electives at the beginning of each quarter and can choose from a variety of offerings. Elective Classes meet twice a week

Current Elective Class offerings

Student Leadership:

Behind every great school is great leadership! Students will learn the art of leadership and help bring spirit, community service, and policy changes to our school. Students will plan and implement a school dance for middle school and at least one community service project, or problem-based project resolution.


Using the Jostens web-based publishing system, students will design and create layouts for use in the yearbook. Students will learn how to create colorful layouts and select images that capture the attention of the viewer within a unified publication.


Come join the Garden class! It is a great opportunity to learn more about how plants grow and what plants help each other grow. We will select vegetable, herb, and fruit plants to grow in our garden, learn what plants will grow well together, create a garden map, plan and grow speciality gardens and schedule planting and harvesting dates. During the winter months, we will plan and execute fundraisers dedicated to the growth of garden. Do you love to work outside? Be in the dirt? Help plants grow and thrive? Well then this class is for you!

Get Up and Move! :

As many of us are aware, the brain is a muscle and muscles need exercise to thrive. Come join us for an elective that will will literally make your brain stronger! Each elective class will focus on a different aspect of physical education that will range from things such as stretching, running, walking, or strength training. This will be an active class and you will need good shoes, and a change of clothes on elective days. You will also need a permission slip signed by your parents as we may take you off campus for a short run or two. If you're ready to take a break and get outside for some exercise, this is the elective for you!

Mural painting-Set Design :

Design and paint a large scale Image that can be used for decor in your bedroom or playroom. Create a backdrop for set design. Students work in collaboration on large-scale paintings. We will explore street artists' work and look at the many different styles of large scale murals all over the world. Learn the techniques of brushwork to paint palm trees and how to create water using layering, glazing and sponges. If you want to learn to design and execute a large backdrop for school or your own home, come learn this process to in the art studio!

Building Community:

Most students say their friendships are the most important parts of their lives, but many lack the permission or skills to assert themselves during conflict. When relationships break down, school work and concentration are sacrificed, self-esteem deteriorates, negative feelings balloon and other relationships suffer. If you want to learn to be more assertive without being "bossy", aggressive, or avoiding conflict entirely, then this is the class for you!

Tech Crew:

Do you love Technology? This group will learn what is inside computers by taking non-working computers apart. We will discuss what technical issues may allude our teachers and students with Chromebooks/ Laptops/ Desktops and how to resolve these issues. We will come up with ways to streamline the process to help everyone with their technical problems, issues, and questions. We will discuss other ways we can help our teachers and students with solutions online. We will learn how to uses Google Sheets - a Google App not normally taught in schools. How can we use Sheets in our school and daily lives?

Band :

This year at The Presentation School, the music elective will be full band! This class is open to anyone with beginner to advanced music experience. We will explore all types of music from the rock 'n' roll to Motown and other classics. Come ready to rock!

Student Council:

Joining student council is a fun way to get involved with your school. It's a great way to improve school issues and get your ideas heard. Have a great idea for a school dance? Or a new ideas for a spirit week? Want to start lunch time activity? Run for Student Council!

*Board positions are year-long positions.
*Classroom Representatives are elected every semester.