Visual Arts

Presentation Schools offers a fabulous art enriched education. Regular classes include art projects along with visiting artists from the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (SVMA) that come to the school to lecture and demonstrate. Students visit the local museum and create artwork that relates to current exhibitions. Students learn about the history of these great artists and create inspired projects. The art program includes art tours, art production, and art demonstration. Students are challenged to go beyond the page and classroom door to experience and create art in their communities. The art program is closely tied to each grade levels academic curriculum, providing a more enriching and enhancing understanding for the students. (For example, the six grade studies Egyptian history will all make individual Egyptian masks as a art.)

These classes are taught by Mrs. McNeely who is a professional fine artist and teacher. She received a BFA from Massachusetts University of Art in Boston, and also studied at Philadelphia College of Art. She is a board member at SVMA, and teaches art at various elementary school in the valley. She has introduced the A.R.T.S (Art Rewards the Student) program to Presentation 5th grades for the last 10 years, where our students have created projects for exhibit at the Museum. Rosemary is trained in VTS, (Visual Thinking Strategy) and has shared this training with the teaching staff at Presentation.

Mrs. McNeely looks forward to building an art department that will enhance the schools curriculum and educated the students on the classic masters and contemporary artists that show the right here in our own museum in Sonoma, and museums in San Francisco.

Presentation students get the opportunity to learn and explore a wide range of art materials and applications. Some of the wonderful projects that can be seen through the year include; art journals, drawing, perspective lessons, watercolor, paper mache, collage, mask making, team building projects and all students create a portfolio of work based on the language and elements of art. The importance of art in a child’s life is valued and explored daily in the Presentation School Art Studio.

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