Letter from Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Presentation School is celebrating our 21st year as a premier independent school in the Sonoma Valley. We are proud of our academic traditions that honor the past, while embracing the forward-thinking that represents the future of education. We are the “little school down the street” that provides a powerful education, individualized to our student population. Whether It is our low teacher/student ratio of 1:10, dynamic STEAM program, or that over 40% of our students regularly qualify for Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented Education Program, we are bursting with pride!

Our teachers are passionate, and uniquely qualified to deliver a meaningful and rigorous education to every student. In classrooms you will find that project/problem-based learning is blended with traditional instruction and enhanced by technology to create an enriching classroom experience that is relevant, age appropriate, and engaging. Teachers have the academic freedom to adjust instruction to tap into the students’ curiosity, while ensuring benchmarks and school standards are being met. When visiting classrooms you will find students who can explain what they are learning and why they are learning it. Students are as passionate about their learning as their teachers. It is just a part of our dynamic school community of committed parents, students, and teachers that help make Presentation a special place to be.

In addition to children being presented with an academically challenging curriculum and fully immersed in 21st Century Educational Skill Sets, Presentation is a school where your child is known and loved. Academics are a significant piece of a child’s education, but ensuring their social/emotional and spiritual being are flourishing is an important part of the mission of Presentation. Each day children enter a school where they are known and loved, and in return they are able to Love, Learn, and Lead.

Tracy Walthard
Assistant Head of School
Director of Curriculum and Instruction