Alumni Profiles

There is no better demonstration of a school’s value than its graduates. We see first hand the school’s impression on young people who communicate confidently and clearly, who are emerging leaders in many fields of work and study, and who see themselves as change agents in the world around them. Our immediate graduates regularly attend the high schools of their choice. Whether it is a local public high school, a study abroad program, a top tier boarding school, or another rigorous independent school, Presentation students are contributing and leading in meaningful ways wherever they are.

Many of our graduates are now young adults who have attended, or are presently attending competitive and excellent universities: from Tufts to UCLA, Stanford to Princeton, Sonoma State to Clemson, Cal Poly to Santa Clara. They are winemakers in New Zealand, brand developers in Sonoma, a fellow teacher at Presentation, coaches in schools, and writers for the New York Times. They each have this place, and this base of skills and values, to guide them.

Alumni Connections

For many, The Presentation School was home for 9 amazing years. As an alum we want you to be able to stay in touch with your classmates and to stay connected to what’s happening on the Presentation campus. Please include your email and mailing address to hear about upcoming alumni events and like our alumni Facebook page.


Genaro Pamatz Genaro Pamatz, Class of 2014
Sonoma Academy

I joined The Presentation School when I was in 6th grade. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. At first, I would have never wanted to come to this school. My family and I believe that we made one of the best decisions going to this school. I made many great friends, met awesome teachers, and had fun classes.

This school taught me life lessons, prepared me for high school, and different ways to look at life. And in the end, this school has been one of the best experiences in my life. The great and fun memories will always stay with me.

Kirsten Couchman Kirsten Couchman, Class of 2012
Marin Academy

My experience as a student at Presentation was filled with many joyous, supportive and inclusive memories. From the ever encouraging and inspiring teachers to the fun, motivating peer group to the inclusive community, I always felt welcomed in every classroom, challenged academically, and excited for each new school day.

One of the most outstanding memories was participating in our middle school performance of Bye Bye Birdie. I made many lasting friendships through these experiences and have continued them through my time in high school.

Nina Sheridan Nina Sheridan, Class of 2010
Princeton University

I loved Presentation and was so happy to realize when I got to boarding school how well prepared I was academically for high school. What a great place to go to middle school -- I always felt challenged and never bored. Now I'm off to college - I'll be attending Princeton University where I plan to study economics and international relations.