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Joel Kuschner

Middle School Science

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We could not be more excited to announce that Mr. K is our new Middle School Science teacher, having revealed a special talent for making science exciting and relevant. Additionally, Joel will be teaching a section of 6th grade math.

Joel Kuschner grew up in a house of teachers. Joel's mother taught special education and his dad was a HS Physics teacher. Joel is a reflection of the great teachers he grew up with.

Alongside some of our other great teachers Joel has been at the front of our effort to develop a STEM curriculum that aims to inspire young people into fields where they can know and design the world they live in. There is an emphasis this year in bringing about real world scientific discovery. Through field experience, a new curriculum, and classroom speakers, students will get to learn much more about the role that science plays in our lives.

"I love my job and feel lucky to be working alongside some of the brightest, happiest, funniest, most inspiring people I have ever met. I'm talking about the kids of course, but the staff I have come to know as colleagues and friends aren't too far behind."

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