The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Frequently unasked questions about why we ask for both tuition and donations.

Q. We are already paying tuition. Why does the school need more funds?

A. The bottom line is this: Many parents are surprised to learn that tuition and fees only covers about 80% of the Presentation education your child receives. Your gift supports the people and programs that make your independent school so special. This means talented teachers, small classes, up-to-date technology, support for different learning styles, arts and sports.

Q. We don’t have the capacity to make a large donation, so what difference will my gift actually make?

A. All gifts, regardless of size, have great power-not the least of which is the power to inspires and influence others in their own giving. When we pool our community resources we have the ability to fund educational projects that simply could not happen otherwise.

Q. Are there other reasons to give?

A. There are many reasons why people to give to the school. Most people take pride in being active stakeholders, helping shape the school and advance its mission. By choosing an independent school, families have the opportunity to directly influence their child’s education. And, unlike tuition payments, gifts to The Presentation School are tax deductible.

Q. Why should I give to new upgrades or programs that won’t directly benefit my child?

A. Think of it this way: All children are warmed by the fires built by others. Previous generations of parents and students (now alumni) invested in Presentation in order to build the facilities and other resources your child enjoys today. It’s a ‘pay-it forward’ situation. Your generous support advances the mission of the school and further establishes its reputation as the school of choice in the Sonoma Valley for today and tomorrow.