Letter from Leadership Team

Students at The Presentation School are presented with an academically challenging and engaging curriculum. Our passionate teachers craft and deliver meaningful and rigorous lessons which incorporate project/problem-based learning and are enhanced by the integration of technology to create an enriching classroom experience. Teachers have the academic freedom to adjust instruction to tap into the students' curiosity while ensuring benchmarks and school standards are being met. When visiting classrooms you will find students can explain what they are learning and why they are learning it. Students are as passionate about their learning as their teachers.

This year we are excited to dive into our curriculum for an audit of our current program, assessment of our instruction practices, reviewing textbooks, and responding to questions.

At Presentation School we consider the social-emotional well being of a child to be directly related to their academic progress and success. Therefore, we build certain practices and skills into our curriculum to ensure that our students are equipped with strategies to help them cope with everyday situations. Some of these practices include meditation, mindfulness, self-reflections, discussions, journaling, and conflict resolution. We feel it is important to not only equip our students with skills for both today and their future, but we hope to motivate them to have a passion to become lifelong learners.

This year, we will continue to develop and define our social emotional curriculum across all disciplines and grade levels. We will help to guide our faculty and staff through their own learning while implementing a more robust program on campus.

The work around curriculum and social emotional learning is lead by the leadership team

Alex Haley (Lower School Curriculum Director/Kindergarten)

Gina Irvine (Upper School Curriculum Director/7th Grade)

Melissa Yazzolino (Lower School SEL Director/3rd Grade)

Natalie Rentz (Upper School SEL Director/8th Grade)

Jamie Mitchell (Assessment Coordinator / 5th Grade)

Jacqueline Gallo (Head of School)