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The process for admission begins in September and runs through February. The deadline for submitting applications for the next school year is February 25th. Applications submitted after the February 25th deadline will be processed on a rolling admission basis so long as there are openings.

Individual Tours

Parents are invited to tour the school with the Director of Enrollment, Emma Evanson

Please click the link to sign up for our 2021 Fall Tour Schedule. Additional dates to be added. Please email with questions.

Open Houses

Kindergarten Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek is for families and their prospective students to experience a portion of our Kindergarten day from 8am-10am. Prospective Kinder students will join in for the morning together with the current Kinder class, while the parents take a tour of the campus.There will be a short introduction to the school for parents by Jacqueline Gallo, our Head of School, Katie Shinn, our Kindergarten teacher and the Admissions Department. *Covid protocols TBA in advance of Sneak Peek Visits*

8-10am- space is VERY limited

Winter Open House

Thursday, February 10th

Stay tuned for more information!

Open to potential new families. Please (707) 935-0122 x202

Mid-Year Enrollment

In some cases, depending on specific class enrollment, it is possible to enroll your child mid-year at The Presentation School. The school takes great pains to make sure that joining our school family mid-year is an easy, exciting and positive experience for your child. To discuss this possibility, please call our Admissions Office at 707-935-0122 x202


We do not have a cutoff age date for candidates for kindergarten. Families with children applying for kindergarten will join us for a two-hour play group in February. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a screening play group. Children spend time with other applicants in the kindergarten classroom and will be involved in an informal game-like screening process geared to assess developmental readiness for kindergarten. The screening includes subsets on speech and articulation, fine and gross motor control, and cognitive work with numbers and letters. While the play group meets, parents will chat our Head of School, Jackie Gallo.

Shadow Days

We invite students applying to first through eighth grade to visit the school for a half day/day. Students will visit in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a shadow day. The day visit offers each student the opportunity to learn more about Presentation and allows us to learn about your child, both personally and academically. During the visit, students will participate in the activities of the day and also work individually with teachers to demonstrate their skills in math, writing, and reading.

Grades 1-2 visit will be from 8:15 - 12:45
Grades 3-8 will be from 8:15 - 3:15

Grade 5 Entry Year

Due to the increasingly high demand for our middle school, the fifth grade is now an entry year at Presentation.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Department at (707) 935-0122 x202 or at

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