Top 10 FAQs

This list will be updated as we have both more information and more queries.

1. How can I learn more about the thought and decision making process?

Jackie Gallo, Head of School, is holding a webinar tonight, on July 15 to explain the mailing and answer your questions. See the letter above to login at 7pm tonight. Also, mark your calendar because Jackie will have another webinar for parents on August 1 at 7pm to share more details on reopening and what to expect on August 19.

2. Our family prefers to have our children start school at home. How do I sign up for the Distance Learning platform? And can I switch to On-Campus Learning if circumstances change?

Yes! Complete this registration to select the TPS Distance Learning platform in lieu of On-Campus Instruction. Once you do this, we will arrange for your student to receive all necessary materials before joining us on August 19. Remember, at-home learners must be registered by Tuesday, August 11 so teachers can plan a meaningful and appropriate learning experience for all students. Families may change from Distance Learning to On-Campus Instruction, and vice versa, during the year. To maintain consistency, we ask that families only change their preferred learning platform once a quarter. Note: the Distance Learning platform will be available to any student who needs to stay home for quarantine reasons.

3. How can I request consideration to allow my Upper School student to Zoom in live from campus during the alternating cohort schedule?

Complete this request for on-campus Zoom to apply for full-time on-campus learning in the US (1 week in class with teacher, 1 week in Activity Center Zooming in). Students will be given preference for the limited space available based on the following three criteria:

  • Students whose parents work outside the home/no “at home” parent available,
  • Students whose learning needs are better met under supervision of a teacher, even when Zooming in from the Activity Center, and/or
  • Students who have a sibling in Lower School.

4. Why do you have a different schedule for Lower School and Upper School?

We value each division and grade with equal importance; however, we recognize the unique learning needs of our younger students, particularly their level of independence and cognitive development. So we have prioritized having our Lower School students on campus all day, every day, and adapted our schedule and classroom structure to provide safe distance between them.

While we value our Upper School equally, we are not able to maintain social distance with all of our 175+ students on campus at the same time. And we know how well they can work independently. So we have created the cohort system, with one week on campus and one week joining the classroom on Zoom. You will notice that we have not minimized or rearranged Upper School teachers from their traditional program because we know how important it is to prepare our US students to become successful high schoolers.

5. Why are the COVID task force communications spread out?

We intentionally spread out communication to allow our task force to adjust as more is learnt about COVID-19, more guidance becomes available, and to allow for input from parents, teachers and staff. On August 1, the task force will send out an information packet including routines, scheduling, and drop off/pick up details. Should the need arise to alter the course we have set out, we will communicate these changes immediately.

6. What if face coverings don’t work for my child? Can they wear a face shield?

Our school policy requires all students, faculty, and staff to wear face coverings on campus, especially indoors. Face shields are considered an additional layer of risk mitigation and wearing a shield, in addition to the required face covering, is at the discretion of each parent. Students are scheduled at least three activities a day during which they will receive a face covering break outside.

7. What’s the difference between a household and a cohort? How are cohorts determined?

Cohorts are groups in Upper School who will follow an alternating weekly schedule between learning at school, and learning on Zoom. Cohorts will be determined based on learning styles in the classroom. Your child’s homeroom teacher from last year will recommend the cohort division to the task force.

A household is an autonomous grade level group which stays together while on campus.

8. How will you know if the re-opening plan is working and how it affects my children and family?

Our goal is to continually review, solicit, reflect, and then improve this new learning model. We will solicit your feedback formally in mid to late September. Please do contact Meaghan Hengehold, Emergency Service Coordinator, or Jackie Gallo, Head of School, if you want to share feedback before the survey is released.

9. I am concerned that someone in my household has been exposed to COVID-19? What do I do?

Do not send your child to school. Call Meaghan Hengehold, Emergency Service Coordinator or Jackie Gallo, Head of School, to report the potential exposure to the school. We have contingency plans for different levels of exposure and will proceed appropriately, together.

10. What can I do to help keep school running smoothly?

Please be sure to review and update your Beehively and Magnus Health accounts. Also, feel free to promote our school by sharing what you love about TPS with your friends and neighbors.

Administration Points of Contact

I have a general COVID question for school. Meaghan Hengehold,
Emergency Service Coordinator
I have a question about the school reopening plan. Jackie Gallo, Head of School 707-935-0122 x 209
I’m not sure but maybe there was a potential COVID exposure in my household. Jackie Gallo, Head of School
Meaghan Hengehold, Emergency Service Coordinator
JG: 707-935-0122 x 209
MH: 707-935-0122
My friends are interested in TPS for their children. Emma Evanson, Director of Enrollment 707-935-0122 x 202
I have a question about billing. Shanna Rodgers, Business Officer 707-935-0122 x 207