PE & Athletics

Grades K - 2

Our youngest students focus on developing motor skills and movement patterns needed to develop a variety of physical activities. Using circuit training, students work on maintaining a level of physical fitness that can improve health and performance while demonstrating self-awareness, fitness, and athletic concepts. Basic skill games are integrated which promotes growth toward more complex individual skills and team athletics. The importance of stretching is emphasized at the beginning of each class with a group stretch, including the incorporation of yoga.

Grades 3 - 4

Our students in the 3rd and 4th grades continue develop and refine motor skills, and team athletics are introduced. Drills are executed to develop throwing, catching, running, agility, kicking, eye-hand and eye-foot skills necessary in most athletics. Units of study will include soccer, basketball, tennis, ball and tag games, jump rope, dancing, frisbee, hockey, track and field, rock wall, scooter boards, circuit training, baseball and badminton. We also emphasize the importance of stretching as we begin each class with a group stretch and run.

Grades 5 - 8

Upper School PE is aligned with the athletic seasons both at the school and within the community. Each unit begins with a review of the rules of the sport, drills that refine necessary skills, and then transitions into gameplay where typically a unit ends in a team tournament. Units of study include flag football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, frisbee, soccer, baseball, tennis, badminton, baseball and track and field. The importance of stretching is emphasized, as each class begins with a group stretch and run.


The Athletic Program at The Presentation School is an extension of the physical education program. We believe that through participation in physical education classes and after-school athletics, our students can have fun while exemplifying Love. Learn. Lead. Presentation School participates in the Middle School Sports League and offers sport teams for 5th - 8th graders. The offered athletics and their approximate seasons are:

Fall Sports
  • Co-Ed Flag Football (5th-8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
  • Co-Ed Cross Country (5th-8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
  • Co-Ed Volleyball (7th & 8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
  • Boys Basketball (7th & 8th) Mid-Oct thru Mid-Dec
Winter Sports
  • Girls Basketball (7th & 8th) Mid-Jan thru Early-March
Spring Sports
  • Golf (6th, 7th & 8th) Mid-March thru Mid-May
  • Boys Basketball (6th) Mid-April thru Mid-May
  • Girls Basketball (6th) Mid-April thru Mid-May
  • Track & Field (All 5th - 8th) Track Meet Mid-May