Behind every great school is great leadership! Leadership at Presentation isn’t top down - it’s student up! Students learn the art of leadership and help bring spirit, community service, and policy changes to the school. An integral part of developing leadership is developing voice and public speaking. Beginning in kindergarten, students begin giving class presentations, greet guests who visit the classroom, and present at school wide assemblies. Whether sharing their learning, singing, performing, or leading in prayer, it is our Presentation students that take center stage.

As students enter the middle school years they are eligible to run for student council. They begin to influence policy at a school wide level, from coordinating school dances to planning special assemblies and events. Students serve as school ambassadors both on campus and within the community through community service projects. Presentation school students are able to advocate for themselves, their peers, and the world!


A showcase is an integral part of The Presentation School education, where we strive to empower students to share their learning and develop public speaking skills. Each month our student body and parents gather in the activity center to present our learning to each other. Students identify how our student learner outcomes of LOVE LEARN LEAD are connected to the curriculum and learning they are sharing. Over the course of 9 years at Presentation students develop an understanding and skill set for public speaking and a confidence to explain their own learning.