Visual and Performing Arts

Fine Arts

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The importance of art in a child’s life is valued and explored daily in the Presentation School Art Studio. Presentation Schools offers a fabulous art enriched education. The art program includes art tours, art production, and art demonstration. Regular classes include art projects along with visiting artists from the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (SVMA) who come to the school to lecture and demonstrate a variety of art techniques and skills. Students visit the local museum and create artwork that relates to current exhibitions. Students learn about the history of these great artists and create inspired projects. Students are challenged to go beyond the page and classroom door to experience and create art in their communities. The art program is closely tied to each grade levels academic curriculum, providing a cohesive and enhanced understanding for the students. (For example, the sixth grade studies Egyptian history, and as an art project they will all made individual Egyptian masks.)

Presentation students have the opportunity to learn and explore a wide range of art materials and applications. Some of the wonderful projects that can be seen throughout the year include: art journals, drawing, perspective lessons, watercolor, paper mache, collage, mask making, and team building projects. All students create a portfolio of work based on the language and elements of art.

Performing Arts/Music

The Presentation School’s Performing Arts program is designed to develop an appreciation of all performing arts including music, chorus, and theatre arts productions. All students will engage in the age-appropriate study of Music Theory, history, and genres (including performing with the SF Opera). Vocal technique, part-singing, harmonies and singing in foreign languages will be incorporated. 3rd Grade students will learn to play the recorder, and ethnic and rhythm instruments will be incorporated into school-wide classroom learning.

Middle school students further study composition, including electronic composition, musical theory, and audio production. Drama instruction focuses on enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects. Instruction of drama technique is embedded in classroom instruction, through Performing Arts instruction time, middle school electives, and the annual school Spring Musical.

Students K-8 participate in the Spring Musical. Participation includes choir, dance, leads, and technical crew. Each year our students bring alive classics such as Oklahoma, Peter Pan, and Guy and Dolls!

The performing arts program enables students to explore their own talents and particular interests and is an integral part of the school’s mission statement and curriculum.

Past Productions:

  • Guys and Dolls and Midsummer Nights Dream
  • 2017 Oliver!
  • 2016 Oklahoma
  • 2015 Into the Woods
  • 2014 You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • 2013 Bye Bye Birdie
  • 2012 Selected Christmas Shorts
  • 2011 Our Town
  • 2011 Peter Pan
  • 2010 Jungle Book
  • 2009 The Wizard of Oz

2017 Production of Oliver!

2016 Production of Oklahoma

2015 Production of Into the Woods